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Market Formula

These types of formulas are for general construction and individual customers. It came in two different classes, which are CII42.5, CI52.5 (or) CII52.5. These Cement Formulas provide high compressive strength and significantly increase in drying shrinkage; therefore it is an ideal solution for today’s schedule and budget-driven projects.


Myanmar Conch Cement Company has provided safety and health training programs for all the employees can work safely and health before they all enter the workplace, and who also wear full access, shoes, gloves, mask, safety belt allowed to enter the work place. Company was building a hospital in the factory compound and health care for all employees. We install the dust collector around the factory area to prevent dust pollution.

Environmental Awareness

Advanced technology equipment are utilized alpha cement production which resulted in less electrical consumption and environmental noise. The vacuum cleaner is  installed in all places to recover environmentally. Cement plant uses  the Waste Heat Generating System (WHRS) electric power recovered 9MW available and planted the tree around the plant compound.

Excellent Quality Management Team

There are 37 people specifically working for the quality management team and more than 20 years of rich experience technicians and Professionals are part of it. Adhere the operation principle of Highest Quality, Most Sincere Service and Quality First. Everyone takes part in and monitors all technological quality management to ensure high-quality product and long term stability.


The demand for cement in the construction of the state development of the country, Myanmar Conch Cement Company was produced Alpha cement 5000 Ton per day. Our company’s services team provided introducing and explain the quality of cement technologies to large-scale construction enterprises, general construction enterprises and cement sale representatives. Myanmar Conch Cement Company was occasionally participants held product exhibition and sales promotion.

Sales and Distributions

In order to sales and distribution throughout the country, we distributed via the main city such as Yangon, Mandalay and Pathein, from the respective town to the cement sales representative and customers. We distribute two types of cement such 50 kg bag and 30 Tons silo truck to users.