Hot Line : 09 799 998 981 (YGN), 09 766 999 936 (KSE), 09 790 790 690 (MDY)


Our”MYANMAR CONCH CEMENT COMPANY’ has successfully established ALPHA Cement Factroy in Kyauk Se, Mandalay State and make a production with best controlled Quality, Highest Quality Portland Cement. Our Conch company is a Multi-National Company [MNC], we have 135MEGA Factories all over the world with total daily production of 700,000 Metric Ton. CONCH company’s 2015 Net Profit of over 1.6 billion USD. Our CONCH COMPNAY ranks at 612th in FORBE – Global Top Company List [@2015 Report] (World Top Successfuly Companies List). CONCH Company is also listed in HONG KONG FINANCIAL STOCK EXCHANGE MARKET, our Stick No. is HK00914. ALPHA Cement produce with [EU197-1:20111] Highest EUROPE STANDARD.

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